Friday, October 30, 2020

Spatial System by Estrtucturas Arqué

The Spatial Systems app is a web application for the parametric design of spatial structures that allows you to generate different typologies and download them in the available formats (.ifc2x3, .dxf, .dwg, .3dm, .stl).

The app, now available in food4rhino as a user service, was created by Estructuras Arqué, a Spanish construction company. It came from the idea of applying the parametric architecture concept to the design and manufacturing of metal roofs and modular construction.

It brings together the best of cloud applications and IFC interoperability by providing easy access to structural design. With it, architects can quickly test various options and configure desired products according to the project requirements.

The parametric logic of this tool was built in Grasshopper and then uploaded to ShapeDiver for publishing online. The model was then embedded in the final web application with custom UI. The IFC export is powered by the Geometry Gym plugin for Grasshopper.

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