Thursday, October 29, 2020

Webinar: Jewelry Design and Fabrication with Wacom, Rhino, Panther and Formlabs (in Spanish) - November 11 at 5PM CET

Webinar: Diseño y Fabricación de Joyas con Rhino, Wacom, Panther y Formlabs

November 11 at 5PM CET

Icreatia invites you to a free webinar where you will learn how to design and build your jewelry with Wacom, Panther and Formlabs.

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Unknown said...

Recent architecture graduate and entrepreneur. I'm wanting to learn jewelry design with Rhino and Fabrication to build a metal belt buckle company. Two questions and I can make the webinar:

1. Is this webinar graphic enough where someone who doesn't speak Spanish can simply follow along with the images?

2. Will this webinar be offered in English or can you refer me to one that is similar in English?

Thank you, KMB