Monday, August 21, 2023

Rhino User Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Generative Design to Shape Better Cities

Rhino User Webinar

In this webinar, we’ll meet Parametric Solutions, a Swedish proptech startup working to improve the built environment by using generative design and artificial intelligence. With Rhino's geometry engine and Grasshopper scripting language at its core, they have created a web-based platform that lets architects and property developers create and explore different design possibilities directly in the browser.

This webinar will focus on showing and discussing the possibilities of Rhino Compute in developing cloud-based geometry applications for the AEC industry. Parametric Solutions will share some of their experiences of working with Rhino in the cloud and demonstrate their platform, and some advantages of working with generative design and AI in early-stage property development. They will also explain their self-developed concept of design objectives—a semantic representation of important criteria influencing design choices.

About the speakers:

  • Sofia Malmsten is the CEO and cofounder of Parametic Solutions. With one foot in architecture and the other in programming, she wants to use her skills to create new tools and technology to form better urban environments. This drive led her to found Parametric Solutions with a clear vision of helping the AEC industry to raise quality and efficiency with the help of AI and generative design.

  • Alexander Radne is a computer scientist and software developer passionate about city planning and the built environment. With a master's degree in theoretical physics and complexity theory, he has a strong foundation in complex problem-solving and algorithm development. Alexander has many years of experience working with various AEC-related software development projects and is an advanced Grasshopper user. Alexander is currently working on improving the generative algorithms in the platform with the use of design objectives.

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