Tuesday, August 15, 2023

New remote collaboration tool: Foveate


Discover Foveate—Collaborative 3D Presentations in the Browser

Spatial walkthroughs made easy
Impress your clients with next-generation presentations using Foveate's sleek 3D Moments system. Take your clients on a curated journey of your designs in real-time 3D.

Upload and view your 3D scenes online instantly
Drag and drop your 3D, video, image, and audio files to create incredible sensorial experiences right in the browser at lightning-fast speeds.

Collaborative real-time 3D from your favorite 3D apps
Invite your teammates to build 3D presentations with the 3D apps they use. Now, architects, 3D artists, and designers have one platform they can upload to and visualize their scenes together—whether they use 3D modeling apps, CAD apps, 3D scanning apps, or game engines.

Share to any device with a browser
Instantly share any Foveate scene on a link. Set the permissions to public or private, so only the right eyes see your work.

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