Friday, February 4, 2022

Open Sky/Oasiz (by ARCHIOLOGICS)

Adolfo Nadal from ARCHIOLOGICS has been kind enough to share his recent project Open Sky/Oasiz, modeled with the help of Rhino and Grasshopper:

At ARCHIOLOGICS, we conceive each project as a process thought and designed to meet the expectations, tastes and needs of each profile. We combine design and construction with the highest levels of precision through a workflow based on virtual models, true digital twins for construction. We are able to combine the most advanced industrialization and design systems with the customization of each design and work thanks to our Rhino-based, tailor-made solutions. Whether you are looking for a pure geometric or textured design, specific sizes or proposals, or a bright and striking aesthetic, our team of professionals will develop the best version for your needs.

From design to construction

Our façade solutions highlight the value of material and geometry through fully customized computational processes. We optimize investment and minimize costs thanks to early analysis and rationalization of the geometry, improving its constructive and aesthetic potential. All this can be achieved by harvesting the native power of Rhinoceros' NURBS geometry core and the extended functionality we add by means of Grasshopper and the software's API. In this particular case, we were able to develop more than 22000sqm of unique panels seamlessly integrating design and construction procedures, such as surface rationalization, structure optimization, and drawing automation, including a wide variety of planar, curved, and double curved geometries.

At Oasiz, we provide value to this raw material to the extent that it becomes a truly unmatched design. Unique products are combined with geometric cladding and vitreous finishes, adopting the essence of industrial and minimalist environments for a project that seeks to stand out by itself.

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