Friday, July 24, 2020

Tumor removal planned with patient-specific 3D printed model

The area affected by the tumor has been manually colored (red).

A 22-year old female patient was diagnosed with a tumor in her left pelvis. The tumor was specified as Ewing’s sarcoma. The medical team decided to perform surgery to remove it.

Hospital: Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (GCRI), Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
Surgeons: Dr. Abhijeet Salunke and Dr. Mayur Kamani, orthopedic onco-surgeons.
3D Printing: Dr. Suresh Ludhwani, radiologist and 3D printing specialist, IDDS & Oroscan, prepared the model.

The role of 3D printing

“The purpose of the model was to study the patient’s anatomy and to do the mock surgery on it. Rhino3DMedical is a very user-friendly software with very self-explanatory actions. I have been using many software, but I found this one to be very specific and accurate. The best part was that it gives you freedom to adjust the threshold and edit the model at the same time,” explains Dr. Ludhwani.

The 3D model was printed with an FDM Ultimaker desktop 3D printer using a very affordable PLA filament.


Learn how to create a patient-specific 3D-printable model of the pelvis with Rhino3DMedical here

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