Saturday, July 11, 2020

Arkhimedes - fabricating ventilators

Check out Arkhimedes a project proposal on the fabrication of ventilators to help COVID-19 patients designed with RhinoBy Luis Gabriel Orozco, Leonardo Nuevo-Arenas, Hassan Ayup Nájera, Eduardo Schega Gaxiola, and Humberto Molina Ruiz, all from Mexico. 

This team of designers knew something needed to be done when they heard countries were applying the equivalent to the triage of war to decide who’d have access to mechanical ventilators. 
They felt that their capabilities were being wasted. When they learned that the UK government had released a set of norms and standards regarding AMBU bag based ventilators, they used those to determine their design goals. Taking into account that the majority of the industry was closed or about to close, they established a restriction to design their proposal using materials and processes with easy access, reducing the dependency of external suppliers in a time of emergency.

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