Friday, June 16, 2023

Getting to know... Sfered: Custom eyewear meets Grasshopper!

Sybren de Graaf, CEO and founder of Sfered, created an innovative solution for the eyewear industry using Grasshopper and ShapeDiver's infrastructure. With a background in architecture, Sybren discovered the potential of Grasshopper and used his design knowledge to create a revolutionary online service for opticians. Sfered's service allows for the customization of frames using a 3D parametric model placed on the client's scanned face. The result is a personalized and comfortable fit unique to each individual.

In this interview, Shapediver dives into Sybren's early beginnings, his early design influences, and how he discovered Grasshopper. They also discussed how his architectural background influenced his current path and when he realized the concept behind Sfered could be a good business idea. Furthermore, you can explore how ShapeDiver helped him create this iOS application, the challenges he's faced so far, and what opticians say about the tool.

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