Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Alienometry by Peter Donders

Peter Donders has been kind enough to share his latest "Alienometry" models, all done in SubD, imagining how aliens could look.

The gold armor mask is to make them look more human,
no arms, no legs, all is mind controlled.

They hover on whatever gravity is available on whatever planet. They transport in the Mech Eggs.

Bringing the message, "There is no time only from point A to point B; the faster you can move, the less 'time' you need to get there." You could have been there in quantum space even before you went there.

The physical model will be 3D printed and hand-finished blue silver leaf and gold leaf, and come in two sizes: small 224 x 113 x 314mm and big 448 x 226 x 628mm. Available on demand.

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