Friday, April 23, 2021

SectionTools for Rhino 7 - New Release


A new version of the SectionTools plugin for Rhino 7 for Windows is now available.  You can install using the PackageManager command in Rhino (then search for and install SectionTools). New in this version:

  • Added stExtractSections to extract sections' curves, caps and slices.
  • Added stSaveSectionsView to save sections to NamedViews and NamedCPlanes.
  • Added stLockSections to lock all sections and hide their ClippingPlanes.
  • Added a new option to stViewSections called ClearOtherSections to remove other sections from the view.
  • Updated the stMake2D command to use the HiddenLineDrawing SDK functions to create parallel projections of sections and the background objects and organize in sublayers with the section name indicated. You can change the attributes of the layers, but need to keep the names to be able to replace content when rerunning the command on the same section to update the result.
  • Added support to sectioning the new SubD objects introduced in Rhino 7.
  • Changed the Attribute option in stCreate command to be either “ByLayer” (use the section layer attributes) or “FromSource” (use source object attribute if assigned by object, or the source layer attributes if assigned by layer).
  • The LoadFromFile option is now a one-shot option in stCreate command.
  • The stCreate preview for the section line placement now shows a line with an arrow to indicate the up direction of sections.
  • Added options to stNestLayout command to place the tags inside or outside the layout and to use either a Dot or Text for the label.
  • Whenever sections need to be selected, it is now possible to press “Enter” to select all sections instead of using the UI to select all.
  • Added support to stViewSections to select the active viewport when pressing Enter, instead of requiring to select a view.
  • Fixed a bug when sectioning with tight BoundingBox and that sometimes resulted in incomplete intersections.
  • Updated the menu and toolbars to include the new commands (toolbars installed with the plugin and should be accessible through the Toolbar command)
  • Updated the SectionTools Primer with the new changes.

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