Tuesday, February 14, 2017

MakeLab 2017 - April 18-22, Hooke Park (UK)

MakeLab AA Visiting School: "Data-Space"
April 18-22, 2017
Hooke Park, DT8 3PH Dorset (UK)

MakeLab 2017 will introduce a range of cutting edge digital design and fabrication techniques.

Through group work, presentations and hands-on design+build processes at 1:1 scale, MakeLab 2017 exposes participants to new processes of design conception using sensor based interactive components and tools including Rhino/Grasshopper, Arduino, and Processing.

This year’s program, "Data-Space", aims to produce a large scale interactive installation that explores the increasing role of digital tracking technologies and machine learning in our society and within architecture.

The course will be taught by a highly skilled team of tutors with international experience in their fields, including Luis Rodil-Fernández (Spain/NL), Zachary Mollica (Canada/UK) and Ping-Hsiang Chen (Taiwan/UK). MakeLab 2017 welcomes participants from a range of backgrounds (including those with no prior knowledge), from design students to practitioners and fellow academics.

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