Thursday, May 8, 2014

RESHAPE | digital craft competition

Noumena and Advok comunicazione are pleased to announce the winners of the first edition of RESHAPE | digital craft competition:

The competition has selected various innovative ideas in design and digital fabrication. The selected projects, and the related manufacturing processes will now be inserted into an online platform and proposed on the market through a specific e-commerce web site.

To produce these objects, RESHAPE has identified a community of makers unique in the world. Many FabLab and digital craftmans have joined our network and are now ready to produce the proposals of our designers.

The jury that selected the winners was composed of experts from various fields of design and digital fabrication as well as architectural criticism and information.

It was an honor for us to have as members of the jury: Tomas Diez [director of Fab Lab Barcelona]; Luis Fraguada [computational expert and director of BAD Barcelona]; Andrea Graziano [computational expert and cofounder of]; Filippo Moroni [expert and director of Solido3d]; Giorgia Olivieri [freelance journalist and communication manager]; Emmauele J. Pilia [critic director of Deleyva Editore].

We received projects from all over the World, emphasizing the international success that RESHAPE has raised.

The winner of the first edition of RESHAPE is Wooden Furokishi designed ​​by the group formed by Yuko Ishizu (Japan), Xexaki Evi (Greece), students from ETH Zurich.

The second price is Aleph by Massimiamo Lorenzo (Italy), Arturo Tedeschi (Italy), Maurizio Degni (Italy) and Elnaz Ghazi (Iran).

Third price for Robotic Surface Manipulation Peter Sprowls (USA) and Rossitza Kotelova (Bulgaria) from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Honorable mentions: BeadBot of Ahmend Hosny (USA), Amanda Lee (USA) and Jared Friedman (USA); Joinery Based Deployable Structure of Nicholas Germann (USA); Transformable Table by Kwok Tung Chun (China); L+L side table by Joris Nielander (Netherlands); Soma by Lorenzo Massimiano (Italy), Andrea Galli (Italy), Elnaz Ghazi (Iran); Biotube by Samanci Sinem (Turkey), Rodolfo Parolin Hardy (Brazil), Grugiel Sebastian Alvarado (Costa Rica); T by Daniel Gillen (USA).

The numbers of the first edition of RESHAPE: 162 applications received. 180 designers from 24 countries and 44 cities. Students from 49 Universities around the world.17 Fab Labs involved. 10 Projects selected. 7 Honorable Mentions. 3 Prize Winners. 1 Winner.

This first edition ends with a series of important lessons which we learn for the future. The results of RESHAPE show how around topics such digital fabrication and computational design there is a receptive and entusiasthic community. From the other side also evidence that the real challenge is to teach, explore and share properly these issues. The team RESHAPE is ready to accept it.

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