Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rhino 5 Service Release 6 now available

Rhino 5 Service Release 6 (SR6), built 9-October-2013, is now available.

Two major new features:

  1. When SR6 is installed, Zoo 5 can serve licenses for Rhino 5, Flamingo nXt, Bongo 2, Brazil 2.0, and Penguin 2.0. Requires Rhino 5 SR6 and Zoo 5.0 9-18-2013 or newer.
  2. Evaluation and commercial builds of Rhino are now one and the same: you can download the eval and unlock it with your license key. (Online purchasing of licenses is coming... but isn't ready yet.)
And there are dozens of stability improvements and bug fixes that you've come to expect in Rhino service releases.

Rhino will download Service Release Updates in the background and prompt you to install or you can download manually.


Anonymous said...

What a pain in the arse the auto update is. So slow. I have actually downloaded it manually and installed, checked again but its still downloading it anyway. How can I kill this? its wasting a lot of bandwidth

Brian James said...


Thanks for the feedback, the auto update download may be slower for you due to your internet connection or the load on our servers at that time.

You can disable auto updates in Options>Rhino Options>Updates and Statistics if you need to. Please email if I can help with anything else.