Friday, November 23, 2012

There's a new Neon!

There's a new Neon!

This one has been a long time coming - we're sorry about that! We've been having some trouble with some integration issues between the Caustic code and the Rhino plug-in, but we think that they are ironed out now. Oh - and we've also been working a little bit on Brazil 2.0, SR3 of which we are releasing simultaneously with Neon.

A complete list of changes from Beta 9 are below


- Larger than screen size view captures are supported.
- Printing a Neon viewport is supported.
- 3dm thumbnail rendering is supported.
- Limited support for alpha blended textures (full support coming)
- Non skylight GI through transparent objects supported.

Bug Fixes

- ZoomLens command was not supported.
- Transparency on basic materials was inverted.
- Problems with mask texture fixed.
- Environment change speed improved.
- Deadlock when changing Brazil sun shadows setting fixed.
- Processor core 100% usage when running multiple sessions is fixed.


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