Monday, November 19, 2012

RhinoPython online class

4-day introduction online class to Rhino.Python
December 10-12 & 15, 2012 
9-12 am CET or 9-12 am PST

Lead instructor Giulio Piacentino – Assistant instructor Ilaria Giardiello
With the new Rhino 5, learning Python is a must. This course is intended for all Rhino users who want to get started with the basics of Rhino.Python scripting or update their RhinoScript skills. No previous scripting experience is required. Thanks to its user friendly syntax, you will quickly be able to write your Python code for geometry within the Rhino and Grasshopper environments.
The course is taught in English, fully on-line and is structured in 4 sessions of 3 hours each.
Instructors will provide explanations for programming concepts and their syntax in Python, and develop a series of exercises in Rhino.Python applied to geometry.
The workshop is organized by and tutored by Giulio Piacentino and Ilaria Giardiello.

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Anonymous said...

This appears to have a time conflict with the User Webinars on Rhino 5.0 December 10 and 12.