Friday, November 23, 2012

Brazil 2.0 SR3 Beta 1 now available

 Brazil 2.0 SR3 Beta 1 is now available from:

Now that Service Release 2 is out with its raft of bug fixes and minor improvements, it's time for the big new feature drop! SR3 of Brazil for Rhino will include a ton of new stuff - most importantly:

- Analytic displacement (ie - no geometry, low memory usage).
- Thin translucency support.
- Improved UI for Rhino 5.
- Cellular texture(s).
- Improved support for Neon.

Most of this is already in this build - at an early stage of development. We hope that some of you will download and use it to tell us what you think we can do to improve the new features and the Brazil renderer for Rhino in general.
Now is finally the time! Let the wish list be re-opened!


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