Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flamingo nXt - new beta available


Flamingo nXt is a completely new rendering technology that runs in Rhino. You are invited to give it a try.

Here are a few new features you may not know about in this new rendering technology:

  • Want a quick way to set up lighting? Use nXt’s lighting presets to set lighting defaults for a Product Studio, Exterior, Daylight Interior or Custom sources. Flamingo nXt will quickly set up the lighting setups in four common rendering situations.
  • Stop running out of memory. Have you ever tried to put 12,000 trees in your scene, or a theater of 25,000 seats? Now with nXt’s true instancing, repeated objects will not take up extra memory. Models that you previously wouldn't have attempted are now possible.

We continue to work and improve Flamingo nXt. In the latest builds we have:
  • Improved caustics with path tracer engine.
  • Sun and sky can now be added to lighting channels.
  • Improved memory management on large images.

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