Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flamingo nXt - New build

Flamingo nXt development is nearly complete but there are still a few things to do before first release. Meanwhile, everyone is invited to give it a try.

This completely new nXt technology brings dozens of new features to Flamingo, including:
  • 4-5 times faster than Flamingo 2
  • Takes more advantage of multi-core machines
  • Better quality images are continually refined and updated until halted, allowing you to trade processing time for quality
  • Better anti-aliasing
  • Better tone reproduction, more saturated colors
  • More sophisticated shading algorithm. Much better materials
  • HDR backgrounds and lighting
  • Objects as light sources
  • Indirect lighting without radiosity that can handle complex models without artifacts or specialized modeling
  • Advanced displacement map support
  • 2-point perspective in Rhino 5.0
  • Shadow-catching only objects and ground plane
  • New fractal trees/vegetation technology
  • New UI new material editor w/lighting and anti-aliasing
  • An alternate (pathtrace) render engine for enhanced image quality in some cases. The switch is on the Render tab.
  • A 64-bit build for Rhino 5.0
The latest build includes:
  • nXt Farm support. Render using the processors on all computers in your office.
  • Lighting Channels allow you to adjust the level on any light in your scene in real-time after the rendering is complete.
  • Many bug fixes including enhanced memory management and stability
Give it a try. I think you will be surprised by the speed, image quality, and ease of use.


Unknown said...

This is not a new build, it is the 11/12/2010 version. Maybe the files on the server have not been updated?

Bob McNeel said...

It is a new build since the last blog post. I was just slow getting this posted.

Tony Brown said...

Is there already a release date for flamingo nXt? Or an estimate when you can start buying it?

Bob McNeel said...

In the first half of next year, meanwhile you can use it for free.

Andy said...

Any news on the release of NXT? Very keen for the retail version. Seems to have been in development for quite a while.