Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AIA Expo2010 - June 10-12, Miami

AIA Expo2010
Robert McNeel & Associates - Booth 2485
June 10-12, 2010

We'll be in Booth 2485 at this year's AIA convention in Miami. Visit our booth and get the latest news on Rhino 5, Rhino for OS X, nXt, Grasshopper, Rhino.Python, Bongo 2.0, the RhinoFabLab, and much more. Select developer partners in our booth will be:

Come to Miami early and attend a pre-convention workshop at McNeel Miami on June 8-9. Workshops include:
  • Introduction to Brazil for Rhino
  • Form Rationalization with PanelingTools
  • Essential Mathematics for Computational Design [Grasshopper]
  • Design 3D Parametric Kites [Grasshopper]
  • T-Splines
Contact Jackie Nasser at (305) 513-4445 to register.
Sign up early. Seats are limited.

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