Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Flamingo nXt available

Flamingo nXt is in development. Meanwhile, you are invited to give it a try.

There are dozens of new features in nXt, including:
  • 4-5 times faster than Flamingo 2
  • Takes more advantage of multi-core machines
  • Better quality images are continually refined and updated until halted allowing you to trade processing time for quality
  • Better anti-aliasing
  • Better tone reproduction, more saturated colors
  • More sophisticated shading algorithm-- much better materials
  • HDR backgrounds and lighting
  • Objects as light sources
  • Indirect lighting without radiosity that can handle complex models without artifacts or specialized modeling
  • Advanced displacement map support
  • 2-point perspective in Rhino 5
  • Shadow-catching only objects and ground plane
  • New fractal trees/vegetation technology
  • New UI new material editor w/lighting and anti-aliasing
The latest builds include:
  • Material libraries
  • Embedded or linked textures
  • A 64-bit build for Rhino 5 WIP
  • Basic tutorials on the nXt blog

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