Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reminder - Brazil Promo ends June 1

Brazil for Rhino is shipping. You can now use the same rendering technology as the world's most demanding CG artists - without leaving Rhino.

Brazil produces images of uncompromising quality. Advanced algorithms and a modern architecture have led to a rendering system that cuts no corners to achieve any look required, including the highest levels in realism.

Brazil's advanced shading pipeline, extensible architecture, and natural workflow offers unprecedented control and flexibility, giving artists the freedom to focus on the work, rather than wrestling with the "technology.”

Introductory offer until 1-June-2009
Brazil is available from Rhino dealers worldwide.

  • The commercial user price is US$/€895.
  • Introductory offer US$/€695 until 1-June-2009.
  • Students and teachers can buy a commercial license for US$/€195.
  • Schools can buy a lab license for US$/€875.

More details, download an eval, or buy...

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