Friday, June 20, 2008

Edge Softening - Rhino Labs

Edge softening allows you to fake filleted edges on meshes for rendering. Use the Object Properties "Edge Softening" option once the plug-in is installed to change the radius. The plug-in requires an RDK compliant renderer to work (for example, Brazil).


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very cool tool. It works with fryrender too. :)

Unknown said...


I was waiting for this tool long time (Edge softening). I have to ask you if it`s working with V-ray (because I don`t have Brazil.


Andy le Bihan said...

Sorry - it doesn't work with Vray because VRay doesn't implement the parts of the RDK that would be necessary. However, there is a command - "ExtractSoftenedEdgeMesh" that allows you to get the mesh for other renderers - but it's not quite so slick!