Friday, June 6, 2008

Curve Piping for Rhino 4.0

Curve Piping, a free Labs Rhino 4.0 plug-in, allows you to convert curves to meshes for rendering. Use the Object Properties "Curve Piping" option to change the radius, accuracy, end-cap type and several other parameters on curves. The plug-in requires an RDK compliant renderer to work (for example, Brazil).


Anonymous said...

Does this plug-in work with v-ray? If so what should i change where to make it render the pipes in v-ray.

Thanks matt

Andy le Bihan said...


The curve piping plug-in doesn't work seamlessly with VRay - you'll have to contact the developers at ASGVIS to get them to look into doing this.

However, you can type "ExtractPipedCurves" at the command line to get the meshes from the pipes, and render those.