Friday, March 15, 2019

Master Parametric Design in Architecture - UPC School Barcelona

Ivan Ferrero (MPDA19)

The Master Parametric Design in Architecture of UPC School in Barcelona is a unique opportunity to critically review computational design toward a more challenging and self-demanding commitment to environmental constraints.

MPDA focuses on:
  • Design and optimization of lightweight building systems, mainly through form-finding processes, including tensile architecture
  • Generation of efficient forms by efficient means: guiding computational thinking and tools to the simplification of processes and material efficiency
  • Integration with professional workflow and industrial standards, although keeping a wide space for experimentation, research and industry-oriented innovation  
It's taught in English at the UPC Barcelona Metropolitan School of Architecture where its Model Workshop, Digital Laboratory and Technology, and Innovation Research Team CODA support students to explore all the possibilities of parametric design. Students will benefit of a Rhinoceros license during the master, apart from the intensive workshops on specific plug-ins sometimes with their own creators (Kangaroo, Wallacei, Octopus, Karamba, K2Eng, Kiwi3d, Millipede, Honeybee, among others).  The program is well known for the intense series of lectures and workshops with international leading experts on computation and construction.

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