Wednesday, March 6, 2019

AA Visiting School Dubai 5.0

AA Visiting School Dubai 5.0
In5 Design, Hai d3, Dubai Design District
Friday 29 March – Saturday 6 April 2019

AAVS DXB (AA Visiting School Dubai) continues to explore boundaries of innovative technologies in the search for novel tectonics, contextual to the Middle East.

The fifth edition of the workshop will advance the findings of the previous one, exploring Additive Manufacturing as means to seed exciting, sustainable constructions. The groups will examine generating, testing and constructing components of the scaled constructions in light of the principles of ‘Stereotomy’, the art and science of cutting 3D solids into particular shapes, to enable the assembly of structurally stable structures.

Throughout an experimental design process, AAVSDXB will arm participants with the core skills in generative design, digital manufacturing, and visualization. The workshop will elucidate the future of high-performance environments and form-making and will conclude with project presentations and an exhibition of outcomes.

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