Monday, April 30, 2018

Updated 3Dconnexion system driver available

3Dconnexion recently released version 10.5.6 of 3DxWare 10 for Windows.

Critical: Version 10.5.6 of 3DxWare 10 for Windows is required to use 3Dconnexion devices with Service Release 6.4 and later versions of Rhino 6 for Windows.

This update provides the following fixes and enhancements:
  • Fixes the issue with the long switching times.
  • Allows the user to configure buttons using the 3Dconnexion Properties utility.

1 comment:

Stefano Pelizza said...

I've a 3D connexion Spacexplorer that was working properly with Rhino5 and Rhino6 up to release 3.
now, with latest release of Rhino, I cannot use it anymore, as the new 3D connection driver isn't made for my device.

I don't know what the problem behind this, but I'm very frustrated about it!
Please, find a way to let use also "outdated" hardware, I don't see any reason to spend a bunch of money to upgrade something that was working perfectly until now""