Thursday, March 9, 2017

Decoding Craftsmanship Seminar - March 24-25, Fartha, Riverstick Co. Cork (Ireland)

Decoding Craftsmanship
March 24-25, 2017
Joseph Walsh Studio
Fartha, Riverstick Co. Cork
P43 X898

Joseph Walsh Studio presents Decoding Craftsmanship: How emerging technologies can enable a new form of craftsmanship, a 2-day seminar with talks and workshops which focuses on the relationship between material and making, and the increasing use of digital tools, which provide digitally driven outcomes. It explores how emerging software can be successfully merged with the heritage of making to create a new form of craftsmanship.

Simply Rhino trainers Phil Cook and Arthur Mamou-Mani will be delivering two sessions over the two days:

Day 1: "THE FUNDAMENTALS OF SCULPTURAL SURFACING" (in two parts) - presented by Phil Cook of Simply Rhino

Day 2: "MATERIAL INPUT" (in two parts) - presented by Arthur Mamou-Mani of Simply Rhino

Fee: €150 per day
For more information, contact:

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