Monday, February 20, 2017

Free NVIDIA Iray for Rhino webinar: Materials - March 7

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
11 AM-12 PM CET
Presenter: Rüdiger Raab

On March 7, McNeel Europe will cohost the free webinar "NVIDIA Iray for Rhino: Materials" with the NVIDIA crew.

By attending this webinar, presented by the NVIDIA Iray expert Rüdiger Raab, you will learn about the powerful material workflow in the Iray for Rhino plug-in. Materials define your models and making good material decisions is crucial for excellent product design.

This webinar teaches how to work with photoreal materials in Iray for Rhino and explains in detail how the material workflow in a photorealistic rendering plug-in looks. The webinar is also of interest for those who want to learn more about photorealistic rendering in Rhino.

Iray for Rhino delivers a new level of quality when it comes to creating a realistic looking image of your models. Being an interactive renderer integrated to the Rhino viewport, Iray facilitates judging the look of your design so you can create previews and render high-quality imagery in no time.

This session will be in English. No microphone is required for this webinar; headphones are recommended over speakers.

About Rüdiger Raab
Rüdiger has been with
NVIDIA ARC for more than 10 years. Having a background in 3D animation, modeling and rendering, he has been with the Iray for Rhino project from its very beginning. His focus is on rendering, material workflow and UI design. He maintains the Iray for Rhino YouTube channel and the NVIDIA Iray for Rhino forum, providing content to all users seeking information and learning resources for Iray and Iray for Rhino.

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