Wednesday, October 26, 2016

RhinoCFD Beta - Computational fluid dynamics in Rhino

RhinoCFD is a new plug-in for Rhino by CHAM that adds the power of computational fluid dynamics to the CAD environment. Rhino users can undertake interactive CFD investigation of their CAD models operating under multitude of flow conditions, all without leaving the Rhinoceros environment.

It is currently free to download and use until December as a beta release.

  • Easy to create CFD meshes without worrying about fitting to your complex geometry
  • A convergence wizard which greatly reduces the complexity of obtaining converged solutions
  • Easily model conjugate heat transfer and other heat related scenarios including radiation modelling
  • Large library or gas, liquid and solid properties
  • Full visualization of flow patterns within Rhino
  • Steady state and time-dependant transient flows
  • Selection of various turbulence models
Contact with any questions or thoughts on the software!

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