Thursday, July 7, 2016

CITA and gmp/aac offer two PhD scholarships in Computation in Design

CITA (Centre for Information Technology and Architecture) and gmp/aac are collaborating to offer two 3-year industrial PhD scholarships in Computation in Design.

The aim is to create an in-house knowledge base of advanced computation and BIM (Building Information Modelling) informed by the existing gmp design practice and culture. The goal is to create knowledge and practice examples of how existing barriers in the vertical integration of BIM in the phases of initial design conception and further in-house and collaborative development with external partners. The PhDs will investigate how new web based digital platforms and advances in optimization and machine learning create novel avenues of creative processes.

The PhDs will be embedded into the gmp/aac design practice, using existing design projects as situated research cases. They will be academically supervised by CITA.

Candidates should have a strong knowledge of BIM design paradigms and the wider computational design framework, as well as experience of a large architectural office practice. Candidates will spend their time 50/50 between CITA and gmp/aac.

The deadline for application is Monday 1st of August 2016 at noon.

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