Friday, February 26, 2016

RESPONSIVE DESIGN: Parametric, Algorithmic & Kinetic Workshop in Tripoli (Lebanon)

Beirut Arab University - Tripoli

Phase One: Parametric Algorithmic Design
February 26-28, 2016
Phase Two: Kinetic Responsive Design
March 4-6, 2016

Workshop Program: 

Phase One

Day 1
- Opening lecture on Algorithmic Added Design 
- Tutorials and introductions to NURBS modeling with Rhino 
- Parametric modeling tutorials with Grasshopper 
- Grasshopper processes, algorithmic logic, and data management
- Essential mathematical functions and logical operations
- Projects assignments, groups divisions, project phase’s schedule

Day 2 
- Form finding methods and theories for architecture 
- Training on physical algorithms using Kangaroo plug-in
- Catenary systems on curves, catenary on surfaces, and mesh relaxation
- Algorithms and design inspirations
- Subdivision algorithms, paneling tools
- Responsive materials, structural optimizations
- Project phase one submission

Day 3
- Envelope pattern optimizations for natural lighting
- Kinetic Architecture introduction and projects examples
- Responsive material analysis and design systems
- Kinetic facades and dynamic pattern 
- Training on Arduino & preparing digital models for kinetic simulation

Phase Two

Day 4
- Environmental sensors, design reaction
- Lighting sensors, temperature sensors
- Smart and embedded systems for architecture
- Architectural models movements and mechanisms

Day 5
- Wireless controllers for Grasshopper
- Mobile controllers 
- Projects final submission

Day 6 
- Finalizing students projects
- Models fabrications and sensors installations, documenting reactions
- Final project ourcomes

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