Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rhino Taster workshops in London

Rhino Taster workshops
London, UK
14 January, 18 February, and 10 March 2016
Within these 2-hour workshops SimplyRhino UK introduces Rhino to those entirely new to Computer Aided Design (CAD). These practical sessions will give you a chance to learn about the Rhino interface, commands, and best practice techniques for beginning your journey into computer based 3D Design.
Rhino is scalable and used in many design and manufacturing industries. If you're thinking of bringing CAD to your workflow then attending one of these sessions is an excellent starting point to learn more about one of the most widely used and affordable CAD solutions.
The workshops are suitable for those from creative and manufacturing industries such as architecture, product design, furniture design, jewelry, fashion and accessories, point of sale, reverse engineering, marine design, sculpture and 3D print.
These sessions are taught by Simply Rhino's experienced and certified Rhino3D trainer Sean.


Stan Carroll said...

I often offer a similar introductory workshop for Rhino but Rhino is so robust I have difficulty focusing in on the most valuable elements that can fit in a 2 hour workshop. It never feels very effective. Any help would be appreciated.
I would love to receive a copy of the syllabus or an outline for this course so I could offer such a course here.
Thank you.

Carlos Perez said...

Hi Stan, please contact SimplyRhino UK directly: http://www.simplyrhino.co.uk/training/rhino/rhino-taster-workshops
Or your regional McNeel office: http://www.en.na.mcneel.com/contact.htm