Friday, May 29, 2015

Thea Render for Rhino

Solid Iris Technologies, makers of Thea Render, announced the immediate availability of the new Thea for Rhino integrated plug-in for Rhino 5. Thea Render is a powerful biased/unbiased rendering solution that supports GPU accelerated rendering through the use of NVIDIA CUDA technology. The new integration plug-in provides direct access of Thea Render's physically based rendering features within Rhino 5: 
  • Production render modes (Biased/Unbiased)
  • Interactive render mode for advanced real-time scene navigation
  • Physically based material design (uniform material creation for all render modes)
  • Physically based Environment support (Sun/Sky)
  • HDRI lighting (IBL) support
  • Physically based Camera and Light support
  • Proxy and Instancing support
  • Exporter to Thea Studio for further staging and material/lighting adjustment
Thea for Rhino is available now at Existing Thea Render customers can buy the new integration plug-in immediately. New customers will be able to purchase the full bundle: the standalone Thea Studio package and the integrated plug-in. Thea for Rhino currently supports 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems (Vista onwards) and is compatible with the 64-bit Windows edition of Rhino 5.

About Solid Iris Technologies 
Headquartered in Greece, Solid Iris Technologies is an industry expert in the development of photorealistic physically based 3D rendering solutions. Along with a wide range of integration plug-ins, Thea Render is used in market segments such as architectural visualization, product design, and automotive engineering. Across the globe, Solid Iris Technologies provides its range of products through a network of resellers and supports renderer integration with its robust software development kit.

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