Thursday, March 5, 2015

Architectural Visualization Workshop in Barcelona

Architectural Visualization Workshop
April 16-17, 2015
Barcelona, Spain
The focus of this workshop is to provide all the necessary knowledge to make renderings inside the Rhino platform. We will use V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino to develop such renderings.

In these two intense days, participants will learn the workflow for rendering inside Rhino with the V-Ray plug-in. 

Day one starts as an introduction and ends with some advanced topics. Day two covers advanced settings and post production.

The course starts with rendering basics and then covers more advanced settings to end up with some tips for post-producing in Adobe Photoshop. Participants will develop typical case studies about rendering architectural visualizations, interior visualizations and product design, among other basic case studies that use rendering as a main representation technique. While developing those case studies, participants learn how to handle V-Ray parameters and how to create textures inside the normal workflow for rendering. 

Instructor: Matúš Nedecký from FlyingArchitecture
Language: English
Schedule: 16-17 April 2015 // 9.00-18.00
Organizers: icreatia, SMD, FlyingArchitecture

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