Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MIXOGEN Design Contest

MIXexperience Objects GENerator

MIXOGEN is a concept created and developed by:

Antonio Turiello (GENERATOR)
MixExperience staff

Main sponsors: Gurioli Design and Aurora Jewels

The contest is aimed at designers who are also Grasshopper users. The goal is a generative design of objects for 3D printing that can be configured according to the rules of Mass Customization.

Below are the steps and design requirements: 
  1. Develop your idea with the help of Rhinoceros and Grasshopper
  2. Project changes are related to the use you'll make of Grasshopper sliders
  3. Check that the result is a closed solid without holes
  4. Send your Grasshopper definition with the attached Rhino file (only for referenced geometry) to: support@mxp3d.com
  5. If you are selected, the mxp staff will process your file for the "GENERATOR" web configurator 
  6. Variations on the project will be selected online by the user who will select it
  7. The optimized file for 3D printing will be available from the online shop 

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