Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mr.Comfy 0.21 released

Mr.Comfy 0.21 released: custom spatial thermal metrics and independent daylight visualization

Mr.Comfy 0.21 has two new main features: 

  • Custom thermal variable expressions
  • Improvements in how the daylight mapping functionality can now be used more independently of the thermal mapping inputs, requiring only a set of Daysim *.pts and *.ill files

The new metrics functionality is probably more exciting, so let’s see what that is all about:

One of the original development drivers behind Mr.Comfy has always been the insight that specific combinations of design intent, building typology and climate require custom analysis scenarios to achieve the highest projected early design-stage building performance. Environmental design procedures should be uniquely tuned to marry the process with data interpretation and generation scenarios, and to link performance display to geometry. That’s the interstice in which the tool operates. The newest version goes a step further by allowing a custom report variable generation from existing E+ report outputs.

BSO’14 Paper & Optimization Case Study...

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