Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Art meets 3D Printing

Art meets 3D Printing with Type A Machines
Xylem is a product of the collaboration between designer Bryan Allen and sculptor Stephanie Smith. It is based on the translation of natural forms through analog to digital 2D representation and analysis into a re-physicalized 3D form. The final form evokes the Xylem layer of tree cells: reducing structure and enclosure to a minimum while still maintaining form.

Using a Type A Series 1 printer in conjunction with  Rhino 5 design software, the form was fabricated as 44 individually PLA printed panels. For 2 months straight the printer ran non-stop without failure producing all the compete components with registration numbers for placement. The parts were assembled on site by the artists.

 2013-04-26 10.19.21

Make sure to drop by Type A Machine booth at Maker Faire Bay Area at the San Mateo County Event Center on May 18th and 19th where you can get a closer look at this project.The Type A Machines team will also provide demos of their latest new product developments, to give you an exciting glimpse of innovative techniques for 3D printing.

Also, do not forget to join the Type A Machines group at www.RhinoFabLab.com too.

For more information, please contact:
Sara Bonomi, Marketing

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