Thursday, April 11, 2013

Workshop: KingKong interior panelling system

London, April 24-25, 2013

The RoboFold Folding Simulation and Design workshop is a two-day intensive workshop, exploring the new KingKong plug-in for Grasshopper. The software simulates curved folding, and offers simple attractor functions to modulate an array of folded panels on a surface. The focus will be on building simulations of folding inspired by physical folding, and the control of complex arrangements of panels, which will be realized with the CraftROBO vinyl cutter.

  • Tutors: Gregory Epps, RoboFold founder, Florent Michel RoboFold software developer, Phil Philipdis
  • See previous workshops here
  • Download poster here.
  • Bring your own laptop running Windows 7. 
  • Please install Rhino 5 and Grasshopper and Kangaroo and KingKong before you arrive. Email us is you have any problems with this!
  • No previous experience with Grasshopper necessary.
  • Hours: 10AM-6PM.
  • Location details: here.
  • Inquiries:

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