Monday, September 3, 2012

SimLab 3D PDF plug-in for Rhino

SimLab Soft just released the new version of SimLab 3D PDF plug-in for Rhino, the new version is based on new capabilities of SimLab Composer 2013 and includes the following enhancements:

1-      New: Template designer, enabling users to create templates that can be used to export customized 3D PDF files.

2-      New: 64-bit support to handle very large and complex models.

3-      New: Embedding in HTML, user can include the generated 3D PDF in automatically create HTML to make it easy to share 3D PDF files in the web.

4-      New: Merging multiple PDF files, the plugin includes a new tool for merging multiple PDF files. Users can use the merge feature to merge a company’s front page –in PDF format– with a 3D PDF model.

5-      New: Floating license support, ready to support teams of Rhino designers.

6-      New: Command line integration, GUI free mode to enable scripting the process of 3D PDF creation inside Rhino.

7-      New: Open After Export, the ‘Open file after export’ option, makes it easier for the user to view the generated 3D PDF file without searching for it.

8-      Enhanced: Better 3D PDF illustration mode, with the new illustration viewing mode, share your models in a new better look, showing details like never before.

9-      Enhanced: Better control over the generated 3D PDF file size. By utilizing Rhino’s Render Mesh, the user has control over the size of the generated 3D PDF file.

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