Saturday, August 11, 2012

LaN workshop + trek in Peru

remote trekking + [body data] tracking
PERU: more digital, more physical
September 17-25, 2012

Join the LaN team in Peru for an epically physical + humanly digital nine-day exploration!

Body data tracking may reveal the extent to which a group perceives environmental forces differently despite similarities in internal make-up. Ultimately the group will attempt to highlight the use of software and sensing devices to further enable our extraordinary sensoring abilities.
  • Crafted-nature of data collection
  • Photographic image data
  • Arduino and DIY sensor making
  • Collaborative aspects of digital fabrication
  • Data management
  • kml/gpx tracking
  • Self-tracking (body data)
  • Terrain modeling and milling (explorations in Rhino/RhinoCAM)

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