Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rhino 5 OSX - new WIP release

A new Work In Progress (WIP) build of Rhinoceros 5 for OS X is now available. This Mac build is up-to-date with the Windows build.  There is a new Windows WIP release every week or so and an updated Mac Rhino WIP will be released shortly after each Windows release. 

You can download the Wenatchee 5 2011-05-12 build here.

The Mac V5 Rhino version supports 64-bit Intel, 32-bit Intel, and 32-bit PowerPC architectures. This Mac version will automatically run in 64-bit mode on Core 2 Duo Intel processors or later, so running out of memory should no longer be a problem. It requires OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later.

Recent enhancements include:
  • The Squish command has been added.
  • The PanelingTools module is now the same as Windows V5 Rhino.
  • Mesh settings panels are updated to V5.
  • Make2D command and dialog updated to V5.
  • The Smooth dialog now has the Fix Boundaries checkbox.
  • The 'Linked' checkbox in the Blend Bulge dialog has been fixed.
  • Heightfield works with 16-bit grayscale images.
  • The DWG Export module remembers custom export configurations.
  • The Roadlike options in the Sweep1 dialog now work for all languages.
  • Typing an invalid number into a numeric field would pop up a second dialog from which you could not escape. This has been fixed.
  • Other crashes have been fixed.
Everyone is invited to download and use the OS X version of Rhino while it is in development.

Most of the core functionality has been ported from Windows and is very stable. There is still much to do to port the rest of the functionality and refine the interface.

We don't expect the first commercial release to be ready until next year. Don't worry if the build you are using is about to expire. New versions will be available every week or so. There will be a newer one available before the expiration date.

Details and download...

  • Some users have had crashes with the Hatch command. We have never been able to duplicate the crash . The Hatch command has some new error traps that will hopefully help us find the source of the crashes. Keep sending in crash reports.
  • Python developers need to download the latest Python plug-in (32-bit only) from here.

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