Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buro Happold SMART Solutions

SMART Solutions Network* is a social media site for anyone engaged with the built environment and interested in the latest computational technologies to solve complex architectural, planning, engineering, and fabrication problems.

The following Rhino plugins are now available to download to everyone:

  • SMART Form for Rhino (Beta) - Real time form finding and sculptural design tool in Rhino

    SMART Solutions is continually developing their software and design processes with a focus on enabling fast conceptual design and rapid experimentation of design options.

    Real time feedback is a key enabler towards true performative based architecture.

    Built on the same dynamic relaxation principles of their advanced structural analysis software, SMART Form Beta is a compact, yet powerful and intuitive, real time plug-in, designed to work natively within your own CAD environment.

    This beta version of SMART Form lets you sculpt and design free form, smooth geometry, based on the principles of pure compressive and tensile architecture. As a beta release, this plug-in is still in development. The tools are constantly updated, adding new functionally and improving existing performance, so do keep checking back for the latest news and releases.

  • SMART Move VIZ (Beta) - Crowd simulation and visualization in Rhino

    SMART Move VIZ is based on the flagship crowd simulation software (SMART Move) that has been developed over several years, benefiting from SMART Move's vast experience in crowd flow simulation at venues covering urban, education, sports, rail and airports.

    SMART Move VIZ is an architectural tool, intended for rapid space planning and visualization of a moving crowd in 3D. It is not intended for detailed circulation analysis or behavior modeling. With an intuitive interface and real time capability, SMART Move Viz is ideal for quick design visualizations.
Download SMART Form for Rhino (Beta) and SMART Move VIZ (Beta) now!

*SMART Solutions is a specialist team at Buro Happold driving some of the latest computational innovations in the AEC industry. Its products and service offerings include SMART Structural Solutions, SMART Crowd Flow Solutions and SMART Software Solutions.

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How does one un-install smart form in rhino 4 and rhino 5?