Wednesday, November 17, 2010

EvoluteTools for Rhino Beta 2

EvoluteTools for Rhino Beta 2 is now available for download. This new version includes:

  • Major update of mesh analysis modes (planarity, closeness).
  • New optimization goal for coplanar vertices (e.g. useful for aligning vertices with floor slabs). Can be configured using etSetVerticesCoplanar.
  • Major update of etSetReference (reference objects update automatically now).
  • Experimental support for PolyMeshes.
  • New subdivision rule "Dual" for creating dual meshes (e.g. hex-meshes from a triangle mesh).
  • Extract polylines from a mesh (etMeshExtractPolylines).
  • If online license checking fails, it can now be done via your browser.
  • many bug fixes, thanks to feedback from various Beta-testers.

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