Friday, November 26, 2010

EvoluteTools for Rhino 1.0

Evolute GmbH is pleased to announce the release of EvoluteTools for Rhino v1.0.

"EvoluteTools for Rhino is an advanced Rhino plugin suite providing access to powerful geometry processing algorithms through a user friendly interface. Established computational tools from Evolute's core software library as well as ground breaking technology from our cutting edge research results provide you with functionality not offered by any other system."

EvoluteTools for Rhino Modules
  • The Base Module of EvoluteTools for Rhino v1.0 offers:
    - subdivision modeling
    - mesh optimization (closeness, fairness, sphere packings)
    - creation, manipulation, and optimization of N-gon meshes
  • On top of the Base Module, the Vertex Fitting Module provides:
    - additional reference curves (for example to align vertices with floor slabs)
    - coplanarity constraints for sets of vertices
  • Available from December 10th, the Planarizer Module will include mesh optimization to planarize quad and N-gon meshes.

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