Thursday, January 21, 2010

VSR Realtime Renderer for Rhino released

Virtual Shape Research just announced the release of VSR Realtime Renderer for Rhino.
This new plug-in lets you model in a new photorealistic environment.
Partial list of features:

  • Rendering environments (cube, cylinder, sphere)
  • HDRI support (environment and reflection)
  • IBL (Image-Based Lighting)
  • Environmental shadows (Rhino light source)
  • Support of Rhino materials
  • Saving of sessions
  • High-resolution hard copy
  • Self- and ground shadows
There's an introductory price of €699 for the commercial version.


Anonymous said...

What about object based lighting?
What about Refraction (the windshield in the video appears to be fully reflective with a slight transparency)
What about texturing (UV)?

Michael said...

Good points and good input for next releases. Partly developed already!
Will come in few months!

See infos at