Monday, December 8, 2008

Urban Ecologies Symposium - Paris, Dec 12

Urban Ecologies Symposium 
Towards a performative urbanism

Ecole Speciale d' Architecture (Paris), 12 December 2008

Given the environmental crisis and the effects of globalization, architecture is confronted with the question of how to reconcile humanity with its cultural, social and environmental milieus by establishing strategies of transformation and regeneration that do not put nature and technology in opposition to each other. Rather they look for a way to unify the two.

The Urban Ecologies – Towards performative urbanism symposium will be held at the Ecole Speciale d’ Architecture (Paris) the 12th of December. It is part of a one year research project sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Town and Country Planning as well as the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. This project has been selected for the third edition of the call for projects on large scale architecture. This will also be the opportunity for a first discussion on methodologies and research issues related to urban ecologies with a purpose of defining the research hypothesis of the project.

The principal researchers working with the ESA for this research are:

Paolo Cascone (project coordinator / Ocean - ESA ), Andrea Di Stefano (Ocean-Aion ), Michael Hensel (Ocean-AHO ) , Chris Younès ( ESA - RST Philau).

The invited speakers are : Achim Menges (Ocean- Stuttgart University ), Aleksandra Jaeschke (Ocean-Aion), Peter Trummer (Berlage Institut ), Eduardo Rico (Ove Arup – AALU), Jean-Paul Viossat (RSD).

Most of them are coming from schools of architecture such as: AA School of architecture (London), AHO (Oslo), Berlage Institute (Rotterdam), Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture (Paris) and Stuttgart University.

Registration: 40 €. Students: 10 € (non ESA students)
Registration contact: Amina Chady / / T : +33 1 40 47 40 24 / F : +33 1 43 22 81 16

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