Friday, November 28, 2008

EuroMold 2008

Dec 3-6 - EuroMold, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

EuroMold is the World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development.

To see what's new in Rhino, including RhinoLab's new technology and a variety of new plug-ins and hardware, visit our resellers and partners:

Don't miss the following presentations and conferences:
  • "Einfache Stereodarstellung in CAD-Systemen"
    Wednesday December 3, 13:00h
    Halle 6.1, D88, Virtual Reality Forum
    Dipl.-Ing. Michael Meyer
  • "Schnelle Designentscheidungen mit Hayabusa GPU und HDRI Umgebungen"
    Wednesday December 3, 17:00h
    Hall: to be announced
    Ioannis Zonitsas
  • "Kinderleicht: Digitalisierte Oberflächen in CAD-Flächen umwandeln mit RhinoReverse"
    Friday December 5, 11:40h
    Halle 6.1, design + engineering forum
    Dr. Jörg Danzberg
  • "Generatives Modellieren und Rhinoceros 5.0 Neuigkeiten"
    Saturday December 6, 14:30h
    Halle 6.1, design + engineering forum
    Dipl.-Ing. Michael Meyer
  • "Interaktives Echtzeit-Rendering- und Modeling mit der Software Hayabusa und Rhinoceros"
    Saturday December 6, 15:30h
    Hall: to be announced
    Ioannis Zonitsas
And as in every year, flexiCAD organizes a Rhino User Meeting at the trade show on Thursday evening:
  • Rhino User Meeting
    Thursday 4 December, 17:00h
    Hall 6.1-E87 - flexiCAD booth

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