Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rhino scripting resources

Pablo C. Herrera does an exceptional job of keeping track of what is happening around the world related to Rhino scripting in architecture, and many other topics related to architectural digital design and fabrication. I highly recommend that you subscribe to his blogs. (Note: His blogs are in Spanish but most of the links go to English sites.)

Here is a recent posting on Arquitectura y Programación.

Workshop Handouts
Computational Design Solutions, Griffith+Snavely
Learning RhinoScripting, IAPA
RhinoScript 101, David Rutten, McNeel
RhinoScripting Introduction Podborsek+Snooks+Stuart-Smith
Soluciones de Diseño Computacional Griffith+Snavely+Cardoso
Soluciones de Diseño Computacional Griffith+Cardoso+Herrera
Scripting Handout, David Rutten
Scripting and Computational Geometry, Stylianos Dristas

Script Workshop NotesBiothing, Alisa Andrasek
Code&Form, Marius Watz
Columbia University+Pratt Institute 2006/2007 Studios
Computational Design Solutions (2006), MIT
Crisis Fronts Studio Script Library, Pratt Institute (2008)
Digital Design+Production Scripts (2008), IAPA
Fundamentos, Declaraciones, Variables, Datos, Pablo C. Herrera
Intro to RhinoScript (2008), Universidad Ball State
Rhino.Scripting Short Tutorials, Universidad Kassel
Soluciones de Diseño Computacional, (2006) UCh, Santiago
Soluciones de Diseño Computacional, (2007) UCh, Santiago
Soluciones de Diseño Computacional, (2008) UPC, Lima
Theverymany, Marc Fornes
Topography/Volume Study: Aggregate Landscape Pattern Study
From Parametric Design to Digital Fabrication, Ohio State University


Anonymous said...

Any scripting worshops scheduled for the us, It would be something alot of people including my self would love to attend, I am Architecture student at Newschool of architecture and design in San Diego CA

Bob McNeel said...

Please contact Jody in the Seattle office. 206-545-7000. She trying to schedule something for later this summer.

Anonymous said...

This would also be of interest to myself and the group I work with (about 6 people). We are at Ball State University.